HURIX'S Christmas Gift Box 1


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HURIX’S Oligo Honey Classic x 2jar
HURIX’S Honey Lemon Drops x 2sac
HURIX’S Honey Tangerine Drops x 2sac
HURIX'S Limited Edition Double Layer Glass Cup x 1unit
HURIX'S Limited Edition Wooden Spoon x 1unit
Wooden Honey Dipper x 1unit
Pinewood storage box x 1unit

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Christmas Gift Box 1
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HURIX'S Oligo Honey (Classic)  350g x 1Jar

A health food produced by concocting the most savory, aromatic and smooth-tasting IMO from premium grade oligosaccharide with pollution-free pure longan honey. Health benefits of Longan Honey include provides the body with energy, enhances body resistance, improves bowel movement, relieves fatigue, nourishes blood and maintain beauty.


- a fibrous organic substance with low sweetness and low calories. It is a prebiotic, which can effectively promote the beneficial flora in the human intestines and promote foods digestion and absorption. It may help to maintain normal intestinal function and improve immunity.

HURIX'S Honey Lemon Drops   6s x 2sac
HURIX'S Honey Tangerine Drops   6s x 2sac

Freshen Your Breath, Soothing and Cooling.

HURIX'S Limited Edition Double Layer Glass Cup  x 1unit
HURIX'S Limited Edition Wooden Spoon  x 1unit
Wooden Honey Dipper  x 1unit
Pinewood Storage Box  x 1unit