Parents' Day 2021


HURIX'S Yan Wo Yang Shen Jing Plus (500ml) - 1 box
HURIX'S Pain Relief Massage Balm (20gm) - 2 boxes
HURIX'S Limited edition Double Layer Glass Cup - 1 unit
HURIX'S Limited edition Wooden Spoon - 1 unit
Massage Tool - 1 unit
Pinewood storage box - 1 unit

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Parents' day 2021
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As you gear up to celebrate Parents' Day, your parents' health and safety are likely at the forefront of your mind during this time.
Sending your parents on a wellness retreat is a thoughtful, sincere way to show how much you care and want to thank them for all they've done.

HURIX'S Yan Wo Yang Shen Jing Plus  500ml  x 1 box

A non-alcoholic supplement product, produced from natural honey and 11 types of precious herbs include Bird’s Nest, Dong Guai, Eucommia Bark etc., suitable for man and women, nourishing from inside out. Traditionally used for health and strengthening the body, to improve vitality and relieve fatigue, for difficulty in sleeping, headache and dizziness, to expel wind, improves blood circulation, good for convalescence and post-delivery health care.

HURIX'S Pain Relief Massage Balm  20gm  x 2 boxes

Relieving discomfort and pain by just applying a small amount at affected area. A good companion for those who suffer from bodyache.

Use together with Massage Tool, compact and convenient to carry, releases aches and pains, makes you feel comfortable at anytime anywhere.

Available in two colors.