[Hot Sale] Hurix's Prosperous & Fruitful Treasure Box


HURIX’S Yan Wo Yang Shen Jing Plus (500ml) x 1box
HURIX’S Oligo Honey Classic x 2jar
HURIX’S Pain Relief Massage Balm x 1box
HURIX’S Salap Pala Penang x 1box
HURIX’S Mos’Q King Balm x 1box
HURIX’S Strawberry Gummy x 1box
HURIX‘S Limited Edition Red Packet x 1pack

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Hurix's Prosperous & Fruitful Treasure Box
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HURIX'S Yan Wo Yang Shen Jing Plus  500ml  x 1 box

A non-alcoholic supplement product, produced from natural honey and 11 types of precious herbs include Bird’s Nest, Dong Guai, Eucommia Bark etc., suitable for man and women, nourishing from inside out. Traditionally used for health and strengthening the body, to improve vitality and relieve fatigue, for difficulty in sleeping, headache and dizziness, to expel wind, improves blood circulation, good for convalescence and post-delivery health care.

HURIX'S Oligo Honey (Classic)  350g x 2 Jar

A health food produced by concocting the most savory, aromatic and smooth-tasting IMO from premium grade oligosaccharide with pollution-free pure longan honey. Health benefits of Longan Honey include provides the body with energy, enhances body resistance, improves bowel movement, relieves fatigue, nourishes blood and maintain beauty.

HURIX'S Pain Relief Massage Balm  20g x 1 Box

Produced from natural herbs, traditionally used to relieve muscular pain, waist and back pain, joints pain and minor swelling.

HURIX'S Salap Pala Penang  20g x 1 Box

Produced from natural herbs, traditionally used to relieve cold and block nose, headache and dizziness, flatulence, minor sprains, mosquitoes and insect bites.

HURIX'S Mos’Q King Balm  20g x 1 Box

Work as mosquito repellent, general insect repellent, antibacterial and moisturizing. Relieving itchiness after mosquito bites. Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

HURIX'S Strawberry Gummy  20s  x 1 Box

Rich in Vitamin C. Each gummy contains 30mg of Vitamin C. Health benefits of Vitamin C – an essential nutrient that keeps the body functioning, an antioxidant necessary for immune and skin health, enhance the absorption of iron from the diet.