2020 CNY Hamper - Prosperous Wealth


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2020 CNY Hamper - Prosperous Wealth

Hurix's Chengmai Honey (1kg) 1 box
Hurix's besVinger Black Bean Honey Vinegar (400ml) 1 box
Hurix's Glukusking Passion Fruit (250gm) 1 box
Hurix's Chocohurixs (250gm) 1 box
Hurix's Honey Tangerine Drops (6's) 2 sachets
Hurix's Honey Lemon Drops (6's) 2 sachets
Hurix's Licorice Drops with Honey (6's) 2 sachets
Hurix's 2020 CNY Limited Edition Red Packets (5's)
Basket + Decorative accessories + Wrapping

*15/01/2020 = Last day to place order for delivery before CNY

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