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For kids and parents who desperately need time to rest, it can be miserable when they suffer from cough and cold.

One can sometimes go for over-the-counter medicine for cough and cold, cough syrup for children, and cough medicine for adults that are found on the shelves of pharmacies.

Also how to use the medicine safely when needed.


How to Use Cold Meds Safely

For some people, whenever they catch a cold the first thing they demand from their doctor is an antibiotic.

Note that antibiotics cannot cure viral infections like a cough or cold but it is best suited for bacteria infections.


Here are things to bear in mind when choosing HURIX’S product for cough and cold to kids:

hurixs fever cold syrup for children improved

For a fever, start with HURIX’S Fever & Cold Syrup For Children (MAL17097009TC).

For a fever and cold, start with HURIX’S FEVER & COLD SYRUP FOR CHILDREN (MAL17097009TC).: This medicine is traditionally used for symptomatic relief of fever and cold.

hurixs sirap ubat batuk untuk kanak-kanak

For a cough, start with HURIX’S SIRAP UBAT BATUK UNTUK KANAK-KANAK (MAL20033451TC): This medicine is traditionally used to relieve cough and reducing phlegm.

hurixs sirap gamat madu plus untuk kanak-kanak

For a fever, cold, cough and phlegm, start with HURIX’S SIRAP GAMAT & MADU PLUS UNTUK KANAK-KANAK (MAL16090049TC): This medicine is traditionally used for the relief of cough, reduction of phlegm, relief of fever, cold and body heatiness.

Check for age limits: Be sure to properly check the age limit of the medicine carefully before you administer it to the child.

Make sure that medications don’t overlap: Check the ingredients of the medicine to prevent giving an overdose.

Choose single-ingredient products: Check the products carefully so you don’t treat multiple symptoms and cause side effects.

boy coughing

Others include:

  • Understand dosing instructions.
  • For liquids, always use the dosing tool that comes with the product.
  • Keep all medicines up high and out of sight.
  • When in doubt, ask your pharmacist or doctor.

Last but not least, it is advisable to stay away from ‘word of mouth’ and ‘recommendations’ from unproven sources.

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